I have worked for 1 year or more in fashion and textiles

This includes jobs in retail, manufacture, design, distribution and head office for any UK fashion, textile, soft furnishings, interiors or footwear companies. Read more

I have worked less than 1 year in fashion and textiles

To apply for an FTCT grant you must have worked in fashion or textiles for 1+ years within the last 9 years. This could be over consecutive years, combining two job roles. Read more

I have never worked in fashion and textiles

We define fashion and textiles as a UK business which sells, makes or designs clothing or fabrics. Sadly this doesn't include industries such as beauty or hairdressing. Read more

I'm not sure

If you’re not sure you work in fashion or textiles please read this section to see if you could apply. Read more

Refer a family

If you know a family who might be eligible for an FTCT grant, please contact our grants team to discuss their situation in more detail. Read more